The fourth meeting „Europe belongs to youth“ approaching !

4-6 April 2019, Ożarów Mazowiecki, Poland

 Published on 13.03.2019

The 4-th meeting “Europe belongs to youth” aims to enhance the youth participation in the democracy process, to increase understanding of the youth about European polices. The event  related to the 2-nd project specific objective and will reach the needs of the young people of debating about important European issues and participate in the democracy process. 

In the frame of the meeting will be carried out Seminar “European Youth academy’ – History of EU, Euroscepticizm, European future, Debate “How to reload Europe”, Simulation game “Youth Parliament Election-2019”.

Announce the contest “Europe in our dreams”. In the event will take part representatives of  Local authorities, decision makers,young people, citizens.

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