Our second meeting 20-22 June 2018

During the period of 20-22 June2018 in Shtip, Macedonia, was carried out the second meeting of the project “Future of Europe-reload”.

 Published on 27.06.2018

During the period of 20-22 June2018 in Shtip, Macedonia, was carried out the second meeting of the project “Future of Europe-reload”. In the meeting took part 24 invited participants from the project partner`s countries: Municipality of Setubal (Portugal) with 4 participants including the Mayor-Maria Das Dores Meira; Municipality of Nughedu Santa Vittoria (Italy) with 4 participants including Mr. Francesco Mura-Mayor of the municipality; Municipality of Ożarów Mazowiecki (Poland)with 4 participants; Municipality of Montsserat (Spain)with 4 participants including Mayor of the municipality- Josep Maria Mas García, Municipality of Aksakovo (Bulgaria) with 4 participants; Municipality of Victoria (Romania) with 4 participants, including mayor of the municipality -Daniel Cretu.

On the first day 20 June 2018 meeting was started with opening speeches of each of project partners.

The project manager – Mrs. Neli Petrova open the meeting and emphasis to the issue of meeting “From Euroscepticizm to Europtimizm”.

The Macedonian coordinator - Mr Dragan Ristov made a short revise of the first meeting with a short video “Aksakovo and Varna through the eyes of Macedonian delegation”.

The project and partners was presented through a short video about beauty and nature of members of Network of towns “Open towns”.

Mr.Blagoj Bochvarski (Mayor of Shtip), Prof.d-r Milan Jazbec (Ambassador od R.Slovenia in Macedonia), Prof.d-r Blazo Boev (Rector of Univeristy “Goce Delcev”-Shtip) debated for “Euroscepticism and it’s role for the future of Europe”. They shared their opinion about problems in EU, positive and negative sides of EU. Explained the difficult path that each country have to walk to be member of EU. All thinking about future of Europe.

The Macedonian coordinator Dragan Ristov present the medium result of the Research “Eurosceptisizm – our past or our future”.

The first day finished with short walking tour in the ancient fortress “Isar” near to Shtip.

The first day was presented by Macedonian media

On the second day 21 June 2018 was carried out International Conference “We are proud to be Europeans” –exchange practices”.

The “Succesfull stories from Shtip was presented by Elena Golomeova (opera singer in Nice, France)

Mrs. Diana Yovanova - Representative of “Youth Council”, Mrs. Angelova- Representative of East Planing Region

The Macedonian coordinator Dragan Ristov launched the Reseaches:

What does The EU mean for you personally? link

What are your expectations about Europe’s future?. link

The results of the survey would be presented on the next meeting in Setubal, Portugal.

Each partner received the certificate of participation from the Chairman of City council- Jane Milanov

On the third day 22 June 2018 participants visited Skopje (Warrior on horse)-capital of Macedonia, the culture and historic places of Macedonia- Lesnovo monastery and monks caves, ancient city of Bargala - Municipality of Karbinci.

The event was presented by Macedonian media

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