Europe in the Future - Reload

Тhe role of local authority for the future of EU

The project “Europe in the Future - Reload” is focused on the role of local authority for the future of EU.

The project upgrades the previous project “Europe in future- unified and multifaceted” by “Europe for citizens” programme.

The general objective is to make the Network of towns, established in the frame of the project “Europe in the Future- Multifaceted and Unified” financed by “Europe for citizens” programme of the European Union /2015/, more sustainable via fostering European citizenship for civic and democratic participation on local and Union level.

The Specific Objectives are:

• to make the cooperation stronger and more sustainable through expanding the established Network of towns by cultural exchange, sharing ideas and best practices in local self-government;

• to encourage civil participation in partial youth participation in the policy-making process at local and EU level.

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