About The Project

Short summary of project

“Project “Future of Europe-Reload

The project “ “Project “Future of Europe-Reload ” is focused on the role of local authority for the future of EU. The project upgrades the previous project “Europe in future- unified and multifaceted” by “Europe for citizens” programme.

The general objective  is to make the Network of towns, established in the frame of the project “Europe in the Future- Multifaceted and Unified” financed by “Europe for citizens” programme of the European Union /2015/, more sustainable via fostering European citizenship for civic and democratic participation on local and Union level.

The Specific Objectives are:

  • to make the cooperation stronger and more sustainable through expanding the established  Network of towns  by cultural exchange, sharing  ideas and best practices in local self-government;
  • to encourage civil participation in partial youth participation in the policy-making process at local and EU level.

In order to achieve its objectives, the project provides seven international meetings in seven different European countries:

  • “Our Europe”, Bulgaria;
  • “From Euroscepticizm to Europtimizm”, Macedonia;
  • “Why Europe?-Europe in eyes of non-europeans”, Portugal;
  • "Europe belongs to youth", Poland;
  • “Europe, closer to us”, Italy;
  • “Europe in our dreams”, Romania;
  • “Future of Europe-Reload”, Spain.

The main theme in the project are: “What we received and what we lost from the association to EU”, “We are proud to be Europeans”, “How to make our local place the best place for living”, “Known and unknown places in our local places”.

The project partners are 7 local authorities: Setubal /Portugal/,  Nughedu Santa Vittoria /Italy/, Ożarów Mazowiecki /Poland/, Montserrat /Spain/, Victoria /Romania/ and Shtip /Republic of Macedonia/.and 1 civil-society organization Bio network association /Bulgaria/.

The target groups are representative of local authorities, citizens, young people, representatives of vulnerable groups, policy-makers and decision-makers at the local level.

Expected results of the project are:

- expanded Network of towns;

- seven international meetings, five international conferences; one contest “The Europe, we want to be!”, three researches, three seminars, three debates, updated document “Program of the Network of Towns, four exhibitions.

In the frame of the project will be organised seven meetings by the previously agreed schedule:

  • The first international meeting “Our Europe”, Aksakovo, Bulgaria, 18/05/2018-20/05/2018 
  • The second international meeting “From Euroscepticizm to Eurooptimizm”,  Shtip, Macedonia, 20/06/2018-22/06/2018 
  • The third international meeting “Why Europe?-Europe through the eyes of non-Europeans” Setubal, Portugal, 10/10/2018-12/10/2018  
  • The forth international meeting “Europe belongs to youth” Ożarów Mazowiecki,  Poland, 3/04/2019 - 5/04/2019  
  • The fifth international meeting “Europe closer to us” , Nughedu Santa Vittoria, Italy, 04/09/2019- 6/09/2019  
  • The sixth international meeting “Europe in our dreams”, Victoria, Romania 13/11/2019- 15/11/2019
  • The seventh international meeting “Future of Europe-Reload” Montserrat, Spain, 25/03/2020- 27/03/2020